(Normally 5000$) 997$ for the First 1000 Trainee.

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Semantic SEO (Fundamentals) Course

  • 87 Lectures, over 9 Hours, 23 Minutes, 17 Seconds.
  • Learn Fundamentals and Proven Non-public Methods for Topical Authority.
  • Master a Rinse and Repeat Methods to Establish Topical Authority
  • Gain access to the Private SEO Community of experts, and innovators for non-traditional SEO.
  • Gain access to the updates to the lectures, and new SEO methods.
  • The first 100 Trainee will have royalty badge, lifetime.
  •  "Purpose of education is not knowledge, but action."
  • 997$ for the First 1000 Trainee (497$ Only One Time).

  •  The Annual Recurring Fee, applicable from the second year onwards, is set at $500 for the first 1,000 registered trainees.

  • First 100 Trainees have lifetime membership (Royalty Chamber).
  • Course is always updated.
  • New methods, lectures, are always added.

The offer is valid only for the first 1000 trainee, until 8th June.

There is no refund. The perspective, and mindset will change your life.

Semantic SEO Course Testimonials

“He provides knowledge-bombs for the SEO community. Really valuable course, I can't recommend it enough. My opinion is that, the Semantic SEO Course is definitely worth its price. Easy 5 star recommendation. Thanks Koray."

Dean Scadudo - CEO of Dino's Digital, From United States

Even though, I thought I knew all, I have seen that a lot more can be covered. This is a really powerful skill set. I highly recommend Koray's SEO training, especially for the ones who try to attract more traffic. I can't say enough good things about Koray. I highly recommend the SEO Course.

Jeff Oxford - Owner of 180Marketing, From United States

I have been around quite a bit. I have seen a lot of things. Especially for managing SEO projects. But, I have learned a lot of things from the Koray's lectures.

Ben Stace - Founder of VAMFungi, From United States

His principles are strict and straight forward. His explanations and briefs are highly-detailed, and his support is very successful... Very much recommend Koray's strategies and understanding, and his support that he provided.

Jamal Qureshi - Founder and Owner of Svalbardi, From Norway

I wish you can take the course because we will have more competitors and stronger websites to race against. But if you want an advanced SEO plan for your business and to understand a search engine's perspective, it's by far your best bet.

Alex Ion - Owner of PressLabs, and Many Other Large Web Organizations, from Romania

Hi. My name's Paul Daly and we've been using Koray’s SEO services for a little while now, and it's been an experience. It's been pretty full on. I can highly recommend Koray’s teachings.

Paul Daly - Director of Digital Marketing & IT at Ramasis Limited, From UK

It's not difficult, but it's complex and it takes patience. It's insane gift from this guy that just came down from heaven!

Pavel Klimakov - Online Entrepreneur, From Estonia

My humble opinion is that Koray is one of the best SEO’s out there, and I highly recommend that you follow what he's working on closely. If you want to be competitive with SEO. Thank you.

Nemanja Mirkovic - Co-founder at Sleepadvisor.org, From Serbia

I've never seen anything like that before. It's a different way of thinking from what most SEOs. So, I’d be prepared, it's not like any other course you're going to take.

Jason Gshwandtner - Affiliate Marketer, From USA

It is not an easy process. But, if you follow it through to the end, you will see the results. I highly recommend Koray. I am a bit conflicted about giving this recommendation, testimonials. Because, he is so good. I wanted to keep him to myself, but he is such a good guy, I decided to do it.

Christopher Prasad - Owner of JookSMS, From Costa Rica

he reason is personally, I think although search engine optimization is kind of considered in the marketing domain, it is very much technical and you can't work the magic if you don't really understand how search engines work and operate. I think this is why Koray is so successful and what sets Koray apart from his competitors. He is a very hands on and he's able to deliver results and more importantly he can deliver them on time.

Murat Balaban - Founder of the Sunny Valley Networks, From USA

Get off that fence and start studying because it's a long path. So get on board. You're not going to find a better teacher than Koray.

Diego Villena - Managing Editor at TheCoolist, from the USA.