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Learn Semantic SEO and Topical Authority with Real World SEO Case Studies

Yes, I really launched it. 

The Offer is Valid only for the First 1000 Trainee.

"Purpose of education is not knowledge, but action."


 Join Premium SEO Community and Coaching Sessions

Create a complete Topical Map which has core, and outer sections. Ask your Questions Directly to Koray Tugberk GUBUR.

 87 Lectures with Over 9 Hours of Advanced SEO Training 

Create Next Generation Content Briefs that work with Expert Authors, and Large Language Models

Establish a Knowledge Base and Semantic Content Network


This is the First Semantic SEO Course which Establishes New Foundations for Beginner and Experienced SEOs.


 Fine-tune a Large Language Model and Use Algorithmic Authorship

Learn the Future of Search Engine Optimization from an Always-on Updated Course.

Learn How I Rank Websites.

8000 SEOs Waited over 2 Years for this Course

Even some of them threatened me, or tried to come to my house without asking permission. I am glad that they have shown this passion. I am not a Hype Master, I have never been, or I don't like the fancy marketing communication.


If you want to learn the future of SEO before others, you should join.

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Learn Best Working SEO Principles.

Step by Step Learn the Basics of Semantic SEO

The fundamentals course is created as beginner-friendly. It doesn't require coding, or advanced SEO information.


Semantic SEO (Fundamentals) and Topical Authority course require only a thinking brain, focus, and enjoying learning.

Follow Best Practices

Implement Proven SEO Methods.

Examine Existing Websites, Topical Maps, Content Briefs and Articles in a Comperative Way

Compare existing and ranking websites, see the topical maps, and semantic content networks behind them.


This is a direct to point course without fluff. And, it is not boring.

Learn and Achieve New Horizons

Join a Private and Premium Community.

Go Beyond Traditions and Talk to Search Engines

Unlock the potential of SEO by delving deep into the minds of search engine engineers, understanding their obstacles and daily struggles. By gaining insight into their challenges, you can better align your strategies with search engine algorithms and create future-proof websites.

Master SEO to build resilient, Google-proof websites that stand the test of time and algorithmic updates.

Ensure long-lasting Success

Join Holistic SEO Community (8000+ Marketers)

Holistic SEO Community is a circle that people help each other for search engine optimization. The members of Holistic SEO Community has the mindset of abundance, not scarcity.

Join the  Premium Holistic SEO Community (Q&As and Webinars)

Ask your questions, and get them answered by Koray Tugberk GUBUR, and Thought Leaders in the Community. Access to the Live Recordings of One-on-One meetings and Live Q&As with Real World SEO Campaigns.

Enroll for the Always Active Community

Testimonials for Semantic SEO Course

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Dean Scatudo Semantic SEO and Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR Testimonial

"I flew about 2 months ago from New York City to Istanbul with one of my best authors. We have examined his methodology and knowledge for one week. He expanded our SEO vision, and particularly Semantic SEO. I have experienced a shift in my SEO Understanding. I decided to not implement these methods for my clients, but only for my own personal projects. Koray Tugberk has shown us SEO Case Studies that have hundreds of thousands of clicks in a few month with the half of the effort. If you have someone like Koray who reads the Google Patents and understands the algorithm in a very deep-level, since you won't have enough time to read those, understanding Koray is precious. He provides a knowledge-bomb for the SEOs. Really valuable course, I can't recommend enough. My opinion is that, Semantic SEO Course worth its price. Easy 5 star recommendation. Thanks Koray."
Dean Anthony Scaduto
Owner of Dino's Digital

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Jeff Oxford Semantic SEO and Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR Testimonial

"Hi, my name is Jeff Oxford, I run an E-commerce SEO Agency. I have more than 10 years of SEO Experience. I always tried to find the best methods for SEO by spending thousands of dollars. I came across Koray's SEO Case Studies online. I really wanted to learn more about Koray's Semantic SEO methods. I can tell that Koray's SEO Knowledge, and deep understanding of the search engines, it is unique. I have never seen something like it before. He literally built a proven SEO system for quickly growing search traffic. Especially, for the brand-new websites. We have performed a few trainings together. I have already learned a lot. He improved my approach for search engines. I learned a lot more. Even though, I thought I knew all, I have seen that a lot more can be covered. This is a really powerful skill set. I highly recommend Koray's SEO training, especially for the ones who try to attract more traffic. I can't say enough good things about Koray. I highly recommend the SEO Course.

Jeff Oxford

Owner of 180 Marketing

Learn Algorithmic Authorship Rules
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John Coburn Semantic SEO and Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR Testimonial

"Hey! If you are watching this, probably, you are considering buying Koray's SEO Course. And, I can tell honestly, Koray is one of the top SEOs. He is almost going through every detail about Google in a religious way. From understanding the Google Patents to experimenting the learnings on the SERP to see what actually works. And, all the nuances of the SEO for taxonomy, URL Structure, or structuring the written data, information to be included, and how to make text more clear and relevant for better indexing, and ranking. His case studies talk for themselves, even if I don't explain them. If you didn't see them, definitely check them out. I don't know the price of the course yet, but whatever the charge, I am sure that the course will be undercharged. Do not hesitate to buy it. And, I had the opportunity to work with Koray, as one-on-one trainings. I can tell that it was great. If you have even further questions for the Semantic SEO Course (you will have), I can help as a part of the community. I can tell that you will learn how to map everything for a topic properly for ranking and search traffic. The method is, though, but I know that it will be undervalued. Koray is a good guy, he is willing to help people."

John Coburn
Growth Marketer of Taskworld - From Thailand
Achieve Topical Authority State Permanently
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Onur Güler Semantic SEO and Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR Testimonial

"Hello to Everyone, I am Onur GÜLER, founder partner of I will explain what we have done with Holistic SEO for, together with Koray. We met with Koray in 2020 October, and we thought that this is an entirely new SEO model. We have read Koray's articles, and we contacted him. He created the most detailed briefs for the visa Industry, and I thank him for that because, in our industry, every detail is counted. Since our industry is a specific niche, making research and understanding the details are really important. And, our industry is actually dominated by other competitors, due to its value. But, via Semantic SEO, in a brief time, we were able to take their rankings. In a very short time, we dominated our niche with more queries than the competitors. But, I must tell you that the rankings for our main queries came later than the other informational sections. Thus, semantic SEO requires more patience than other methods. It was among our complaints, but after some Google updates, our most prominent queries started to come to the rankings as well. For Semantic SEO Course, the projects that we performed demonstrate the process, and its effectiveness."

Onur Güler
Founder of - From Turkey
Outrank Established Authorities
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Paul Jensen Semantic SEO and Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR Testimonial

"I have been working with Koray for three of my website. For the two of them, we have seen good results with his methods. Let me crash some dreams first. This is not someone for who is chasing quick-hacks. Applying Koray's works is a great amount of work. And, the results are not instant. It takes time and consistent efforts. But, results definitely will come. Koray has created some templates for one of our websites. I am not sure how much time Koray has spent for creating these briefs, but to implement it we have spent more than 10 hours just for research. And, after a while we have started to rank for all these web pages, and keywords. It was only for one web page, but imagine the results for 1000 different web pages. Thus, it is a hard process, but I do know that you will learn from the best. And, Koray is a professor who makes all the research in his secret lab. Sometimes, probably, you will need to watch some of these videos again. But, you will learn someone from who truly knows how Google works. I can tell that this is the best investment that an SEO can make."

Paul Jensen
Owner of Flaticons - From Netherlands
Rank Websites without Backlink
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Ben Stace Semantic SEO and Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR Testimonial

"Hi! I just wanted to make a quick testimonial for Koray and his Semantic SEO Course. If you have an opportunity to take the Semantic SEO Course, definitely buy it. It is an upgrade for SEO. In the online marketing history, since the mid 90s, we have seen things. I have been around quite a bit. I have seen a lot of things. Especially for managing SEO projects. But, I have learned a lot of things from the Koray's lectures."

Ben Stace
Founder of VAMFungi- From United States
Understand Cost of Retrieval
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Kevin Farrugia Semantic SEO and Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR Testimonial

"I like learning and spending time with Koray, it was an intense and immense week. I liked how things are explained, not in a technical way, but in an educational way. Seeing things are proven and how they are implemented is great. I didn't see something like that before. I can't say that it is easy, but it is a process. And, I didn't see something like this before."

Kevin Farrugia
Experienced Author - From United States
Create Best Topical Maps
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Stephan Johnsen Semantic SEO and Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR Testimonial

"Hey Koray! I realize that it happened 10 months since we put you in charge of our SEO Campaign. And, it was an incredible 10 months. We took places for SEO that we never imagined before. And, not just with rankings but also with our training, you taught us so many incredible things, SEO, Semantic SEO, and other things as well. We really appreciate how you constantly teach us, you do not hide behind the doors, and just do your magical stuff, but you also educate and instruct us, instruct our writers. You show us how to take the lead, and improve things. You answer the questions about the changes or explain why we should change things. It is exciting to see that the traffic comes and comes more, and the rankings improve all the time, and we already rank for the keywords that we didn't hope for before, and it is very stable traffic as well. Of course, as in the beginning, even for the high-end SEO, it takes time to get to this point, we know that these things are not instant. And, before the start, I wish I could have known how slow it would be for us to produce the content due to the amount of detail, and the advanced writing methodologies. We didn't know that it would be slower than the normal SEO Content. But it is understandable of course, now since we have more than one author, it is way much faster. And, I wish we could start with multiple authors at the beginning. It is a privilege to work with you, Koray, and thank you for everything..."

Stephan Johnsen
Owner of Sint-marteen - From Denmark
Learn Topical Maps from First Source
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Nemanja Mirkovic Semantic SEO and Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR Testimonial


"My humble opinion is that Koray is one of the best SEO’s out there, and I highly recommend that you follow what he's working on closely if you want to be competitive with SEO. Thank you."

Nemanja Mirkovic
Co-founder at - From Serbia
Examine Real World SEO Case Studies
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Paul Daly Semantic SEO and Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR Testimonial


"Hi. My name's Paul Daly and we've been using Koray’s SEO services for a little while now, and it's been an experience. It's been pretty full on. I can highly recommend Koray’s teachings."

Paul Daly
Director of Digital Marketing & IT at Ramasis Limited - From UK
Secure Your Spot in Our SEO Course!
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Krishley Purmanun Semantic SEO and Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR Testimonial


"He provided lots of free information online. You are really quite rarely find this kind of information that someone would give for free so much. Other people would have charged thousands of dollars for these information. But he actually made all these available online for free. "

Krishley Purmanun
Programmatic SEO and Pilot - From Mauritius
Boost Your Rankings and Revenue
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Varun Tendon Semantic SEO and Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR Testimonial


"I've worked with Koray for over six months, and it's been a total eye-opener. Despite my extensive SEO experience, I never delved into Google patents like he has. Koray is a walking encyclopedia of Google's patents and can answer any SEO question with real reasoning. "

Varun Tendon
Owner of EB 5 Visa Consultancy - From USA
Master SEO Techniques - Click to Enroll Now!
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Chavan Krishna Semantic SEO and Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR Testimonial


"We are looking forward to a very, very long relationship with Koray. It's been fantastic, especially, you know, the kind of knowledge, the kind of in-depth way he makes us write the articles, which is like semantic."

Chavan Krishna
Vice President at Indiacharts - From India
Unlock your Semantic SEO Mastery
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Anonymous Semantic SEO and Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR Testimonial


"To anybody who will take the course, I can honestly tell you that learning this will pay off in the sense of give it a little bit of time and digest what you learned. You will realize how different you will write and how much more content you can generate."

Anonymous Testimonial
Vehicle Industry - From Switzerland 
Unleash the Power of Semantic SEO
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Alex Ion Semantic SEO and Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR Testimonial


"I wish you can take the course because we will have more competitors and stronger websites to race against. But if you want an advanced SEO plan for your business and to understand a search engine's perspective, it's by far your best bet."

Alex Ion
Owner of the Presslabs, The Coolist - From Romania
Discover Advanced SEO Techniques
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Jason Gshwandtner Semantic SEO and Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR Testimonial


"I've never seen anything like that before. It's a different way of thinking from what most SEOs. So, I’d be prepared, it's not like any other course you're going to take"

Jason Gshwandtner
Affiliate Marketer - From USA
Elevate Your SEO Game - Click to Enroll Now!
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Diego Villena Semantic SEO and Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR Testimonial


"If you're at all on the fence about the semantic method or Koray, I recommend you I can recommend you work with him, get off that fence and start studying because it's a long path. So get on board. You're not going to find a better teacher than Koray."

Diego Villena
Managing Editor at TheCoolist - From USA
Transform Your SEO Strategy
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Pavel Klimakov Semantic SEO and Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR Testimonial


"It's not difficult, but it's complex and it takes patience. It's insane gift from this guy that just came down from heaven!"

Pavel Klimakov
Online Entrepreneur - From Estonia
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Murat Balaban Semantic SEO and Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR Testimonial


"After working with many search engine optimization consulting firms and agencies, we have decided to work with and actually stick with Koray. The reason is personally, I think although search engine optimization is kind of considered in the marketing domain, it is very much technical and you can't work the magic if you don't really understand how search engines work and operate. I think this is why Koray is so successful and what sets Koray apart from his competitors. He is a very hands on and he's able to deliver results and more importantly he can deliver them on time. Yeah, so we're super happy to be working with him. Thank you."

Murat Balaban
Founder of the Sunny Valley Networks - From USA
Unlock the Full Potential of Semantic SEO
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Sergey Samiznaetekto

Semantic SEO and Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR Testimonial


"Sometimes you get that funny feeling of that you're reading the mind of the search engines. I'm super exited to see what our preparation will lead us in the future. Thank you."

Sergey Samiznaetekto
Owner of Complaintsboard, Consumercomplaints - From Lithuiania
Click and Transform Your SEO Game
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Christopher Prasad Semantic SEO and Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR Testimonial


"Hi, my name is Christopher Prasad, marketing director for SMS Company in Costa Rica. About six months ago, we hired Koray for our SEO Projects, specifically for Google. I can safely say that he is one of our best hires ever for our company. Koray is a strict professional for SEO. He is always there 7/24. I don't know if he sleeps or not. But, he will pick up the phone. He will answer WhatsApp and emails in a couple of hours. Even it is like 2 o'clock in the morning in Turkey. And, not only is the work, but you can also see the results. In the last months, we have seen that our presence on Google has exploded with positive increases. It is not an easy process. But, if you follow it through to the end, you will see the results. I highly recommend Koray. I am a bit conflicted about giving this recommendation, testimonials. Because, he is so good. I wanted to keep him to myself, but he is such a good guy, I decided to do it. So, yeah, I highly recommend Koray, and he is one of the best SEOs in the industry, right now."

Christopher Prasad
Owner of JookSMS - From Costa Rica
Learn Unique SEO Methods
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Jamal Qureshi Semantic SEO and Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR Testimonial

"Hello, my name is Jamal Qureshi. I am founder of the Svalbardi. We worked with Koray for several months on our content marketing, and our SEO rankings, traffic, impressions and clicks went up. And, I can tell that it is a very successful project. Within 8 weeks, we doubled our traffic. It is a case that Koray has been teaching us. He is incredibly knowledgeable and sometimes it is hard to keep up with him due to knowledge differences. And, his principles are strict and straight forward. His explanations and briefs are highly-detailed, and his support is very successful. We went to the project, and we performed a test. He passed all of the tests with flying colors. We are grateful for that,. Very much recommend Koray's strategies and understanding, and his support that he provided. Of course, there is a learning curve, and he is a very busy guy. Thus it is hard to keep up with him, but as long as you can do that, put the effort in. The process is hard, but it works greatly for competitive niches. Thank you for everything, and I highly recommend Koray."

Jamal Qureshi
Founder and Owner of Svalbardi - From Norway
Upgrade Your SEO Mindset
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Anonymous Testimony Semantic SEO and Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR


"I have been following Koray's articles, and shares that provide evidence for his achievements for over 1 year. With Koray, we have performed personal sessions. Personally, I managed to perform a growth from 0 to 100,000 USD per month in the last 12 months. I do have a few years of SEO Experience prior to Koray, but however, Koray helped to level up my game with semantic SEO. As a result of this, I wholeheartedly vouch for Koray's course and recommend it to anyone who wants to level up. To conclude it, I want to use a quote from Koray during Brighton SEO April 2022, "A lot of people in the SEO Field want to be a millionaire, and Semantic SEO is the fastest way for doing it."

Anonymous Testimony
Investor and Entrepreneur - From Sweden
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Hüseyin Bayram Semantic SEO and Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR Testimonial

"I personally thank to Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR, CEO of Holistic SEO & Digital for his innovative SEO Strategies and deep Semantic Search understanding. Thanks to innovative SEO Campaign, Serapool increased its brand value, brand search and organic search performance by acquiring user loyalty and higher user retention. The perfect design for the technical SEO Improvements, and theoretical SEO understructure for algorithms of Google created tremendous success. Besides the SEO efforts, I also thank for innovative digital marketing information. I suggest you to buy SEO Course, because it is an SEO Academy, it will level up your skills. Thank you."

Hüseyin Bayram
Marketing Director of Serapool - From Turkey
Enroll for Semantic SEO Course
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Bünyamin Gökçül Semantic SEO and Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR Testimonial

"Hello, my name is Bünyamin Gökcül. I am the founder of the Boğaziçi Institute Online Education Platform. Today, I would like to talk about Holistic SEO, Boğaziçi Institute studies, and Koray Tuğberk's work. Boğaziçi Institute Online Training Platforms SEO studies were moderated by Holistic SEO Koray Tuğberk for about a year. You know the SEO side is tough. One of the most challenging areas in Google is SEO. When you work with Koray Tuğberk, I think you should work not to stand out from your competitors, but to achieve international and global success. Because it's easy for him to stand out from his competitors. When you work with a standard SEO agency, they tell you about monthly consulting hours, they say 10 hours and 15 hours … the price talking turns. None of this is mentioned when working with Koray Tuğberk. Actually, I think Koray Tuğberk is the Cristiano Ronaldo of SEO. Working with him is difficult. You have to train very hard. In this sense, his communication with both his own team and the institutions he works for should be strong. You will achieve a lot if you are ready to work with Holistic SEO. But as I said, the Cristiano Ronaldo of SEO is Koray Tuğberk and the Holistic SEO team. Sometimes, while working with this team, you may not be satisfied with your teammates in order to achieve success and to catch a case study Sometimes you may want to change your teammates. But if you want to achieve the goal and you are the owner of an institution, I definitely recommend you to work with Holistic SEO, namely Koray Tuğberk."

Bünyamin Gökçül
Owner of IstanbulBogaziciEnstitu - From Turkey
Start Learning Future SEO
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Real World SEO Case Studies for Holistic SEO Approach

Importance of Topical Authority: A Semantic SEO Case Study

Importance of Topical Authority SEO Case Study conceptualizes the overall logic and the understanding of the Sub-topics (neural nets) update of Google with the help of Semantic Search Engines. The Importance of Topical Authority SEO Case Study has acquired the results below.

  • Site 1 – From Monthly 0 to 200,000 organic traffic per month in 5 months.
  • Site 2 – From 0 to 333,000 Monthly Organic Traffic in 5 Months.
  • Site 3 – From 10,000 to 70,000 per month in 5 months.
  • Site 4 – 400% Organic Traffic Increase in 5 months.

To read the short version of the Importance of Topical Authority SEO Case Study, use the image link below.

See Actual Kitchen Side

Importance of "Entity-oriented Search" - Becoming 6th Largest E-commerce Website of Turkey

Entity-oriented Search is defined by the Krisztian Balog. With the Entity-oriented Search Understanding, the Semantic SEO methods and the concepts are used for e-commerce. By creating the pairs of books, authors, genres and the contextual connections, the SEO Case Study has been created. And, the company became the sixth-largest e-commerce company in Turkey. has lost many Broad Core Algorithm Updates before we implemented the Semantic SEO Concepts.

During the Project, a 400% organic search performance increase has happened that is equal to gaining of millions of organic search sessions.

To read the Importance of Entity Oriented Search, use the link at left.

Understand Semantic SEO

The Importance of a Holistic Approach and Clear Communication to SEO Success

Holistic SEO Case Study has been created by implementing multiple SEO Methodologies and verticals. Technical SEO is one of the fundamental ones for the specific SEO Project. But, Semantic SEO put the definitive results for the project itself. is an electric bill comparison and saving affiliate company. As an aggregator, the market is already one of the highest competitive markets. Thus, the competitors have lost all of their traffic.

The company has lost its gaining in terms of Technical SEO during a site migration process, but still, it continues to rise with the help of Semantic SEO. To read the Holistic SEO Case Study, use the image link at the left.

Awaken Expired Domains

Importance of Topical Authority: A Semantic SEO Case Study

The long version of the Semantic SEO Case Study and Importance of Topical Authority article explains the definition of the semantics for SEO with a deeper look. To read the long version of the Importance of Topical Authority Article, use the image link at left.

  • 15,000 words
  • 64 subsections.
  • 4 websites with over 500% organic click increase on average.
  • Pure Semantics and Language Understanding with Algorithmic Authorship
Bring Core Update Lost Websites Back to Top

Creating Semantic Content Networks - Two Websites with Semantic SEO

Semantic Content Networks involve optimizing every sentence with a proper Contextual Vector, Hierarchy, Coverage and Flow along with providing a proper Contextual Connection. Context is all for Semantic SEO. Creating Semantic Content Networks SEO Case Study involves two different websites.

  • Site 1 – From 0 to 350,000 monthly traffic within 8 months with over 40,000 new queries.
  • Site 2 – From Daily 1,500 Clicks to 12,000 clicks in 6 months with new 75,000 new queries.

Creating Semantic Content Networks SEO Case Study is the most important SEO Case Study that is connected to the Semantic SEO and Course until now. To read the Creating Semantic Content Networks Case Study, use the image link at the left.

Optimize Your Existing Websites

Creating Semantic Content Networks - Long Version with Search Engine Ranking Algorithms (Includes One More Website)

Creating Semantic Content Networks, long version focus on the Semantic Networks with the help of the Initial Ranking and the Re-ranking Algorithms. It explains what is the Initial Rank, and Re-rank factors for a search engine, and how to leverage both of them via Semantic Content Networks.

With an extra website, the results can be seen below.

  1. 10,000 Queries, Daily 300 Clicks, 40,000 Impressions  in 20 Days (Initial Ranking), İstanbulBogaziciEnstitu.
  2. 33,000 Queries, Daily 11,000 Clicks, 150,000 Impressions in 65 Days (Re-ranking), İstanbulBogaziciEnstitu.
  3. 3,500 Queries, Daily 200 Clicks, 2100 Impressions in 30 Days. (Initial Ranking),
  4. 32,000 Queries, Daily 5,000 Clicks, 54,000 Impressions in 30 Days. (Re-ranking),
  5. 416,000 Queries, Daily 2,000 Clicks, 890,000 Impressions in 45 Days. (Initial-Ranking), Site-3 (Not disclosed).
  6. 185,000 Queries, 1000 Clicks, 201,000 Impressions in 6 months. (Initial-Ranking), Site-3 (Not disclosed).

The third website will be explained with the help of Query-Document-Intent template pairs.

To read the long version of Creating Semantic Content Networks, use the image link at left.

Create Semantic Content Networks

Multilingual SEO Case Study with 44 Different Languages

Multilingual SEO Case Study focuses on different verticals of multilingual SEO Efforts. It explains how to use a search engine’s perspective for Language and Audience Matching. Language Score, Symmetry of Different Language Sections, and distribution of relevance with ranking signals across different language sections are the main focuses of the Multilingual SEO Case Study.

The total increase is over 550% in 6 months. To read the Multilingual SEO Case Study, use the image link at the left.

Propel Your Business to the Top

Multilingual SEO Case Study with 44 Different Languages - Long Version

Multilingual SEO Case Study Detailed Version focus on different aspects of a Search Engine for query augmentation, and query log unification. How a search engine can close the information gap between different national SERP instances, and how they can use the multilingual websites for learning the concepts. Semantic SEO is language-agnostic, and focuses on entities. Thus, having semantics and multilingual SEO together is crucial.

To read the detailed version of the Multilingual SEO Case Study, use the image link below.

Rank for Every Language, Region, Industry

Google Core Updates: Effects, Problems and Solutions for YMYL Sites

Google Core Algorithm Updates can be a great strategy for SEO. If a website loses the Broad Core Algorithm, the lost organic traffic can be gained in the next Broad Core Algorithm Update. To change the last decision that the search engine made for the rankings, the website needs to be optimized and changed based on the agenda of the search engine by following its nature. Semantic SEO is one of the keys, along with the Technical, Local and the Branding SEO. The SEO Case Study below shows how the biggest Credit and Loan application aggregator dominated the industry with over 350% organic traffic increase and entirely new 20,000+ queries.

To read the Broad Core Algorithm Update SEO Case Study, use the image link below.

Outwit Google Brain Team

How to Become a Winner from Every Google Core Algorithm Update

To become a winner from every Google Broad Core Algorithm Update, the cost of retrieval is one of the fundamentals. The Second Article of the Broad Core Algorithm Update SEO Case Study focuses on the results, and the cost a website creates. The semantic SEO understanding and the search engine perspectives can be seen with early versions.

To see the results with a better understanding, use the image link below.

Join Our SEO Course Today and Dominate Your Online Presence.

Importance of Ranking Signal Consolidation, Web Entity Hierarchy and Clean URL Structure for Better Communication with Search Engines

The Ranking Signal Consolidation SEO Case Study focuses on the Relevance and Distinctiveness of queries from each other. It explains the cost of retrieval via duplicate content, and unnecessary URLs. The contextual signals of the URL Structure are processed with a new SEO Perspective. It explains the Semantic SEO from a “Canonical Query and Intent” perspective.

The results of the Ranking Signal Consolidation can be seen below.

  1. You will see how SEO Theories Theoretical Information and Technical SEO can create 296% Organic Traffic Growth in YoY Comparison. (Between 1 Jun – 1 September 2019 and 1 Jun and 1 September 2020.)
  2. It can decrease your organic traffic by 35.51% in one month.
  3. It can create 33.33% Organic Traffic Growth in one month and 66.24% in four-month.
  4. Also, we will see an organic-based Direct Traffic increase of 40% annually.

To read the Ranking Signal Consolidation SEO Case Study, use the image link below.

Boost Your Website's Ranking Now!

Importance Of User Experience, Authoritative Content And Page Speed Improvements For A Rapid Organic Traffic Growth: Unibaby Project

User Experience and Authoritative Content is the second part of the Unibbay SEO Case Study. It explains how the content is made more authoritative, and how it is supported with a better User Experience.

Understanding the UX Connection to Semantic SEO, use the image link below.

Ask Directly Koray Tugberk GUBUR

The Importance Of Technical SEO: Insights Of Technical Issues Of Unibaby Project

Technical SEO supports Semantics. The Unibaby SEO Project is one of the early SEO Case Studies that I have written from different perspectives. And, these SEO Case Study parts explain the prominence of the integrated SEO Efforts. Unibaby s a brand for mothers, and mother-baby products. By providing the first models of the Semantic Content Networks and the Technical SEO support, 195% organic traffic increase in 2 months is acquired.

To read the Technical Part of the Unibaby SEO Case Study, use the image link below.

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How A Web Entity Can Grow Traffic And Lose Google Core Algorithm Update At The Same Time

To understand the Semantic SEO Course, understanding the UX and Technical SEO Aspects of the SEO Projects is a must. Thus, reading the Unibaby SEO Case Study parts is suggested. The last part focuses on the understanding of the Broad Core Algorithm Updates. It explains that the traffic increase with the new content publications doesn’t guarantee a win for broad core algorithm updates.

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Contextual Search Engines and Consolidating Context for Better Relevance and Coverage

Contextual Search Engines involve understanding different possible search patterns based on neural nets, and conceptual connections. Every contextual domain is connected to each other with context layers and knowledge domains. A knowledge domain consists of concepts, and topics. A contextual domain consists of a concept, topic, and context qualifier.

  1. 100 URL samples increase its organic traffic between 60% and 140%.
  2. Adding contextually relevant question and answer pairs.
  3. Understanding search intent and document templates.
  4. 43 Different Contextual Search Factors for Search Engines
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SEO and Data Science for Understanding Google Algorithms

Use Python to understand Google Algorithms with concrete data. How Google Ranks the different types of websites, crawl websites, extract and aggregate the data to visualize the Google Decision trees.

  1. 30,000+ Words of Research for Google Algorithms.
  2. 126 Sub Sections
  3. 2000+ Lines of Code
  4. 500+ Data Visualization Samples
  5. Automated SERP Scraping and Rank Comparison for Understanding Google Decision Trees
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Google Author Rank and Perception of Authorship for Search Engines

How does Google know who has written the article? What is Google Author Rank? Google Author Rank is a research and case study to explain the authorship skills of a search engine for better ranking and authority.

  • 17,000 words of research for Google’s Algorithms for authorship and expertise.
  • 35+ subsections to explain related Google Research Papers, and Patents.
  • Unique Approach for Natural Language Processing and Understanding technologies to measure search engine capabilities for stylometry.
  • Real-world cases to understand the authorship based on evidence such as word sequences, or vectors.
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Lexical Semantics and Semantic Similarity Case Study with 29 Projects

Lexical Semantics involve hypernyms, hyponyms, holonyms, meronyms, synonyms, antonyms, and other lexical units for increasing the relevance and responsiveness for a specific query, and its interpreted versions by a search engine query processor. The SEO Case Study involves over 29 projects and the number continues to increase.

  • Learn Lexical Semantics for creating topical maps.
  • Understand how to use contextual hierarchies.
  • Examine naked domains that are successful with lexical semantics.
  • Learn their topical maps to understand further.
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B2B SEO Case Study

B2B SEO Case Study involves different types of websites to prove that the semantics work for B2B Industries. It involves more than 5 web sources with actual domain names, from NASDAQ to the International Gift Production and Shipment, or Pool Construction. B2B SEO Case Study shows B2B Conversion Funnels, and B2B SEO Strategies with Heavy Semantics and Deep SEO Understanding.
  • 115% Organic Click Increase in 3 Months YoY Google Search Console Performance Comparison
  • 97.6% Organic Impression Increase in 3 Months YoY Google Search Console Performance Comparison
  • 36,000+ New Organic Search Queries
  • 1126 New Top 3 Ranking Organic Search Queries
  • 2665 New Between 4-10 Organic Search Queries
  • 34,000 New 10-100 Organic Search Queries
  • And, many more results with 2023 Core Updates.
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SaaS SEO Case Study

SaaS SEO Case Study is to provide methodologies for ranking SaaS Businesses with semantics, technical, branding and local SEO approaches. Creating brand search demand, and optimizing a surround sound for the company’s relevance, and authority for ranking algorithms, creation of a topical map, and internal link design, together with content brief creation is involved.

  • Learn how to create topical maps for SaaS Companies.
  • Learn Brand Positioning by even changing Google auto-suggestions.
  • Understand How to position a company as authority for its own industry.
  • Learn creation of Company Thought Leadership via Semantic Content Networks.
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Semantic Search and Verbs Case Study

The Case Study involves 8 Different Projects with success. The topical maps are explained in the context of the context augmentation, and context shaerpening with chosen predicates. It explains how search engines changed their indexation engine, and how it works for classification of the articles.

  • Semantic search uses natural language queries based on behavior patterns.
  • Google has reported an increase in natural language queries each year.
  • The Association of things in knowledge representation comes in different methods.
  • The Semantic Search for Semantic SEO guide involves an SEO Case Study from a Semantic Content Networks article.
  • Military discipline is required for Semantic Search Algorithms of Google.
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Exact Match Domain SEO Case Study

he SEO case study explores the benefits of using Exact Match Domains (EMDs) to improve search engine rankings. An EMD involves phrases with high search volume in the domain name, and can rank higher than other branded term domains. The case study reports impressive results, including over 10,000 organic search queries, 80+ indexed web pages, and ranking for synonyms of the EMD phrase. The project also achieved 1000+ direct sessions for the brand and breaching 100,000 impressions in the first month.

  • Having 100+ daily clicks on the 7th day of the project.
  • Despite there being 10 different brands using the same phrase on the domain name, coming to the first SERP page in one week.
  • Breaching 5,000+ organic clicks in the first month.
  • Breaching 100,000 impressions in the first month.
  • Having 7,000+ organic queries in the first month.
  • Ranking for the synonyms of the Exact Match Domain phrase.
  • Acquiring 1000+ direct sessions for the brand.
  • Indexing 80+ web pages on the 3rd day of the brand launch.
  • Reaching out 700 Clicks a day in the 6th month of the project.
  • 10,358 Organic Search Queries are acquired.
  • 1115 Ranked Queries between 4-10 in 6 months.
  • 377 Organic Search Queries are ranked between 1–3 rankings in 6 months with exact matching domains.
  • During the project, the total referring domain count was and is lower than 100.
  • The Domain Rating Score of Ahrefs is 4.1, while SEMRush’s Authority Score is 23.
  • The total Referring Domain is 96, the Backlink count is 453.
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Holistic SEO Case Study

Holistic SEO Case Study is an example of Holistic SEO approach for a start-up in insurance, energy, and credit industry by optimizing every pixel, byte, letter of a web entity by including the investors, founders’ identities for a better entity-oriented search. Technical SEO, Local SEO, Semantic SEO, Brandship and PageRank for Authority creation are organized and implemented for higher rankings successfully.

  • From daily 200 clicks to 20,000 organic clicks are achieved.
  • Over 100,000 organic search queries are achieved.
  • Site Migrations, Semantic Content Network creation, Topical Map expansion, Brand Identity changes are experienced.
  • Re-design, web page layout optimization, conversion rate optimization are implemented.
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Entity Identity Creation Case Study

Entity Identity Resolution is a process of recognizing an entity with its type, attributes, and values. It’s a necessary step in the process that is distinct from named entity recognition. The optimization and control of identity shifts and changes in knowledge bases based on document statistics are known as entity identity management. The SEO case study examines how document and query statistics create search memory in search engines’ entity resolution algorithms and how it affects the Brand SERP and Knowledge Panel Management. The study highlights the issues caused by fake news distribution that harmed the entity’s digital reputation. The study also includes guides and case studies related to the Entity Identity Creation and Management for Knowledge Graph and Base control with document statistics. The case study provides conceptual definitions to explain entity identity resolution and management.

  • A Dentist that is digitally slandered is defended by changing the Google’s perception.
  • From an Ex-wife to Cosmetic Dentist perception is created.
  • Semantic SEO is used against heavy PageRank news sources.
  • Sentence structures, publication frequency, and consensus theories are used with heavy semantics.
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Entity Attribute Value (EAV) SEO Case Study

Entity Attribute Value (EAV) SEO Case Study explains a different type of triples for Semantic SEO. Entity-attribute-value is a triple model as Subject-predicate-object. These triples help search engines to extract information, construct knowledge-bases, and organize information on the web in the form of ranked web documents and web answers. Understanding E-A-V helps for creation of topical maps, and increasing the relevance, and responsiveness for better rankings.

  • E-A-V has a real-world one-on-one training lecture series with Dear Dean Anthony Scaduto, and Kevin Farrugia.
  • Dean and Kevin implements certain methods that are taught by Koray Tugberk GUBUR.
  • They get results in a healthy way, and they share results.
  • E-A-V explains how it is used in this education and implementation SEO case study.
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Topical Map Expansion and Topic Consolidation Case Study

Topical Map Expansion and Topic Consolidation case study examines 15 different websites’ topical maps by explaining their core, and outer topical maps, how entities, attributes, values, and predicates are used, what kinds of topics, and contextual domains are used.

  • 15 Topical Maps are examined with core and outer sections.
  • 15 Successful projects’ domains, and ranking changes, and organic traffic performances are given.
  • 15 topical maps with all contextual, and knowledge domains, with predicates, phrase patterns, and semantics are explained.
  • Frame Semantics, Inqusitive Semantics, Lexical Semantics are involved in the Case Study for SEO.
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Entity Attribute Value (EAV) SEO Case Study

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