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SEO Course is a  pioneering company that is founded by Koray Tugberk GUBUR on 27th April 2023. SEO Course aims to publish the deep, and advanced search engine optimization, natural language processing, web page loading time performance optimization, user experience and digital marketing courses by democratizing the elite methodologies and techniques for higher digital visibility, search engine rankings, and conversions. SEO Course helps affiliate marketers, aggregators, B2B and SaaS Businesses that include entrepereneurs from every level whether beginner, or enterprise, and Search Engine Optimization consultants from every vertical. SEO Course started its journey with the Semantic SEO Fundamentals Course on 27th April 2023. Koray Tugberk GUBUR published over 30 SEO Case Studies and Researches to explain search engines by deep diving into Search Engine Patents, Official Announcements, and result pages.


SEO Course is a sibling company with Holistic SEO & Digital which is founded on 1st September 2020. Holistic SEO Community is started on 12th February 20223 to support teachings of SEO Course, and popularize the hard work in the field of search engine optimization, by understanding ranking algorithms, and patterns. SEO Course publishes always-on, updated, and beginner-friendly SEO courses to help consultants, entrepreneurs and businesses to level up their SEO skills, and talents without harming their economical, and financial growth.

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"My motivation behind creating SEO Course was not for monetization, but rather for the democratization of in-depth SEO information. I have witnessed individuals who have lost their homes due to the high cost of building a successful website, as well as those who have wasted their family's finances by adhering to outdated practices. Through the information shared on this platform, my aim is to encourage innovation and knowledge sharing, and to rekindle the excitement surrounding SEO, as it was in the past."

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Understanding, and Generation are intricately connected. Mastering semantics for SEO involves utilizing Large Language Models, Vector representations, and Knowledge Bases to create more responsive and relevant content networks.

There is no requirement for extensive coding knowledge or a deep background in the field to enroll in our SEO course. Our curriculum has been meticulously simplified, structured, and optimized through months of testing and refinement with numerous participants. Register today and gain access to our exclusive community, where you can further enhance your skills and explore a variety of case studies.

Create Topical Maps and Best Semantic Content Networks

Achieve Order, Unite with Momentum: Our comprehensive SEO course delves into the principles of Momentum, Depth, and Vastness as they relate to Semantic Content Networks and Topical Maps, guiding you toward establishing Topical Authority. Highly anticipated by over 8,000 individuals for the past two years, this course offers an in-depth examination of more than 30 SEO case studies and 60 successful websites across various languages, including English, Russian, Arabic, German, Turkish, and French.

The diverse range of industries covered includes Finance, Health, Medicine, Credit, Insurance, E-cigarettes, Casino, iGaming, Sports Betting, Real Estate, Used Cars, Fitness, Supplements, and an assortment of business models such as B2B, D2C, SaaS, and NASDAQ-listed companies.

Gain insight into the foundations of success and learn directly from the source of valuable information. Enroll now to unlock the full potential of your SEO expertise.

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 Learn, Rank, and Earn. 

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Semantic SEO (Fundamentals) Course

The Annual Recurring Fee, applicable from the second year onwards, is $500 for the first 1,000 registered trainees. Membership to our exclusive Holistic SEO Community is included with your private registration. 87 Semantic SEO Lectures (9 Hours, 13 Minutes, 27 Seconds) 4 Hours of Private Webinar with Private Community. Access to the Private Holistic SEO Community with over 1200 Members. Access the "From Saigon to Saigon" Lectures involving Keynote Speeches at 8 Different International SEO Events. The Total Lecture length will be longer than 6 hours. 1. Zakopane Speech - Summative Version of Saigon (27 Minutes)2. Estonia - Change SEO Mindset (24 Minutes)3. Birmingham - Nothing is Random (52 Minutes)4. Budapest - Pixels, Letters, and Bytes (22 Minutes)5. Sofia - 7 Fundamentals of Future SEO (29 Minutes)5.1 Sofia - 7 Fundamentals of Future SEO (Q&A) (9 Minutes)6. Chiangmai - Fundamentals of a Functioning Topical Map (42 Minutes)6.1 Chiangmai - Holistic SEO Meetup Speech (35 Minutes)7. Dubai - Orchestrating Agents in the Age of AI Empires (40 Minutes Summative Version)8. Saigon - Orchestrating Agents in the Age of AI Empires (Extended to 1 Hour) Access 4 Extra Digital Webinars of Koray Tugberk GUBUR, which are longer than 3 hours. - A Compass for Programmatic SEO (47 Minutes) - Semantic SEO with Koray Tugberk GUBUR (69 Minutes) - Natural Language Processing and Understanding for SEO (51 Minutes)

(Normally 5000$) Gates are Opened for Limited Time.

Learn Semantic SEO and Topical Authority

Discover proven strategies and techniques that will transform your approach to content creation and search engine optimization.

By joining our course, you'll gain access to:

✓ Cutting-edge Semantic SEO methodologies that leverage advanced AI algorithms and natural language processing

✓ In-depth understanding of topical authority and how to become a recognized expert in your niche

✓ A step-by-step guide to creating content that resonates with your audience and ranks high on search engines

✓ Expert insights and case studies from top industry professionals

✓ Personalized feedback and support to ensure your success

Don't settle for mediocre search engine rankings. Invest in your future and elevate your online presence by mastering Semantic SEO and Topical Authority. Enroll now and secure your spot in our exclusive course that will transform your digital marketing strategy!

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Enroll to Private SEO Coaching Group

Private SEO Coaching and Mentoring Group is for the people who want to see all the details about semantic SEO, and beyond the fundamentals. To learn the essence of semantics for search engines by skipping the repeated Google guidelines, and re-phrased so-called authority explanations, join us, and meet with the Real Search Engine Optimization.

By joining our Coaching Group, you'll gain access to:

✓ Private One-o-One SEO Coaching Recordings with advanced and deep techniques.

✓ Networking with the most advanced SEOs and learning from their experiences.

✓ Examining the most detailed topical maps, and understanding anatomy of topical maps further.

✓ Watch and Practice by getting feedback from the Koray Tugberk GUBUR and his best trainees.

✓ Get weekly and bi-weekly assigments for your progress, and timely schedule for organic revenue and traffic growth.

We are not born to be average. And, we do not live without a purpose. Be people like yourself, and activate your potential. Be part of change in SEO.


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Be a member of our Holistic SEO Community. Learn from the experienced thought-leaders. Know the new SEO methods first. Get help when you need, and find the most expert authors, NLP Programmers, SEO Consultants. Understand their methods, and examine their topical maps, SEO results, and business models.

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