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Semantic SEO (Fundamentals) Course

The Annual Recurring Fee, applicable from the second year onwards, is $500 for the first 1,000 registered trainees. Membership to our exclusive Holistic SEO Community is included with your private registration. 87 Semantic SEO Lectures (9 Hours, 13 Minutes, 27 Seconds) 4 Hours of Private Webinar with Private Community. Access to the Private Holistic SEO Community with over 1200 Members. Access the "From Saigon to Saigon" Lectures involving Keynote Speeches at 8 Different International SEO Events. The Total Lecture length will be longer than 6 hours. 1. Zakopane Speech - Summative Version of Saigon (27 Minutes)2. Estonia - Change SEO Mindset (24 Minutes)3. Birmingham - Nothing is Random (52 Minutes)4. Budapest - Pixels, Letters, and Bytes (22 Minutes)5. Sofia - 7 Fundamentals of Future SEO (29 Minutes)5.1 Sofia - 7 Fundamentals of Future SEO (Q&A) (9 Minutes)6. Chiangmai - Fundamentals of a Functioning Topical Map (42 Minutes)6.1 Chiangmai - Holistic SEO Meetup Speech (35 Minutes)7. Dubai - Orchestrating Agents in the Age of AI Empires (40 Minutes Summative Version)8. Saigon - Orchestrating Agents in the Age of AI Empires (Extended to 1 Hour) Access 4 Extra Digital Webinars of Koray Tugberk GUBUR, which are longer than 3 hours. - A Compass for Programmatic SEO (47 Minutes) - Semantic SEO with Koray Tugberk GUBUR (69 Minutes) - Natural Language Processing and Understanding for SEO (51 Minutes)

(Normally 5000$) Gates are Opened for Limited Time.

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